Cleveland Labor Leaders and Steelworkers Blast Donald Trump for Buying Chinese Steel

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Cleveland, local labor leaders condemned Trump for importing steel and aluminum from China, instead of using Ohio – or U.S. – made products, in his construction projects, as discovered in a recent Newsweek investigation.

According to Newsweek, “Of Trump’s last three construction projects, the first to use Chinese steel was Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.” The Wall Street Journal also reported, “Donald Trump’s use of foreign steel undercuts a major campaign theme.” On Sunday, the president of the Ohio AFL-CIO wrote an 0p-ed in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer saying, “Trump and his greed-driven business practices have been blind to the impacts on working people.”

“Donald Trump has a history of making a profit on the backs of American workers. Just days ago, a bombshell report revealed Trump has been buying Chinese steel for his construction projects, instead of investing in American or Ohio made steel. Sadly, this isn’t the first time. Trump’s products are made in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, and Turkey,” said Harriet Applegate, Executive Secretary, North Shore AFL-CIO.”Hillary Clinton has proposed the largest investment in job creation since World War II, she knows that if we want our economy to be strong, we need our workforce to be strong.”

“Rather than buy Steel from American producers, Donald Trump chose to import Chinese steel and aluminum for his construction projects, going to great lengths to conceal his use by purchasing these imports through a holding company in the British Virgin Islands. Trump turned his back on American Steelworkers who are suffering because of actions like his,” said Pat Gallagher, Sub-Director, United Steel Workers. “Hillary Clinton has a plan to invest in American manufacturing, rebuild our infrastructure and create millions of American jobs. She is the only candidate running for President who has the interest of working Americans at heart.”


“We’ve all heard Trump’s attempted appeal to working people as the candidate that “has our back.” It’s a ruse. A smokescreen. It’s faux populism. A sad attempt to divide the working-class vote of this country. Instead of investing in jobs and steel here in Cleveland, Lorain, and Youngstown, Trump opted to buy steel from China,” said Michael “Iron Mike” Kilbane, Structural Ironworkers Local 17. “I’m backing Secretary Clinton because she has vowed to invest in American jobs. Her plan calls for the largest investments in good-paying American jobs since World War II.”

As President, Hillary Clinton’s would strengthen American manufacturing through a $10 billion investment in “Make it in America” partnerships that bring together workers and labor, business, universities, community colleges, and government at every level to harness the strength of manufacturing communities across America. Businesses that take part will pledge not to shift jobs or profits from these partnerships overseas. And she will support strong “Buy American” standards so we make products in Ohio and across the United States.

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