Comedian Pablo Francisco: The man of many voices coming to Cleveland

By JD Caminero

Comedian Pablo Francisco is a man of many voices, famous for his witty humor and spot on impressions of pop culture favorites. After 25 years of stand up, he is now on the verge of shooting a new one-hour comedy special entitled “Here We Go Again”.

We caught up with Pablo this past week as he prepares to split sides at the Cleveland Improv, June 2nd – 5th. When asked how it feels to still be on this journey, he couldn’t hold back his gratitude, and we couldn’t hold back laughter.

“I’ve come a long way from getting fired at Dominos Pizza.” said Francisco. Starting with impressions of his Chilean father, he would eventually go on to become a high-energy entertainer able to emulate the voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Springer, Dracula, R2-D2, Jackie Chan, Kermit the Frog, and many more.

Pablo Francisco Cleveland 2

On being Latino, Francisco joked “My Dad was one of those English-only guys, so I’m not as brown as other Latinos. You know? I hang out at Lowes instead of Home Depot.” Pablo also credited a family of Mexican neighbors and childhood friends who would become early influences for his “caca” and “pee pee” fueled rants.

With seven comedy specials under his belt and a worldwide appeal earning him sold out shows overseas, Francisco is living up to his hype as one of the most talented comedians in the business today. Francisco reminded us that these accolades did not come without years of hard work.

“Every time I would make money from a show or commercial I would save it, and be smart about my budget.” said Pablo. “I learned from comics who were doing good and bad. At first, I looked at this the way people look at Skateboarders and think ‘Man, those guys won’t ever make any money’, but you can.”

Francisco closed by letting know us he can’t wait to get the party going in Cleveland. He urged us to turn off Telemundo and come enjoy the only two things that survived in the Flats, “boobs and comedy.”

His top secret after party plans?

“Heading down to Christie’s for $1 Pot stickers.”

Pablo francisco Cleveland 3


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