Community Engagement Surrounding Cleveland Division of Police’s Community and Problem Oriented Policing Plan

Cleveland, OH– Over the past year, the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team has sought community input on key policies of the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) – including use-of-force, body-worn cameras, and its

mission statement, among others. The Team thanks everyone who participated for engaging with and contributing to the discussion surrounding police reform under the federal Consent Decree in Cleveland.

 Now the reform process is seeking community feedback on the CDP’s Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan. Substantive community input is the first step in the development of a successful Community and Problem- Oriented Policing Plan. CDP’s policies must directly respond to what the community expects. This stage of community engagement is an active effort to learn as much as possible about what Cleveland residents want the community policing plan to include.

 The Cleveland Division of Police, City of Cleveland—including the District Policing Committees and the Community Relations Board, —the Cleveland Community Police Commission, the Department of Justice, and

the Monitoring Team are all working together—in a joint collaborative effort—to solicit and receive input on these policies from the Cleveland community.

 Cleveland residents are invited to learn more about community policing and share your views by going to the Monitoring Team’s website. (The materials also are available on the City’s website, the CDP’s website or the CPC’s website).

 Residents can share your views and provide input in two ways:

  • By taking a brief online questionnaire, which is available here as well as on each of the websites listed above;

  • By attending a community roundtable. There will be two community roundtables. The roundtables will include an overview of the components of a Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan, with an

opportunity for small group discussions. The first community roundtable is on Tuesday, March 21, from 5:30- 8:30pm at the Jerry Sue Thornton Center (2500 East 22nd St., Cleveland, OH 44115). The second

community roundtable is on Wednesday, March 22, from 5:30-8:30pm at Urban Community School (4909 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102).

Those interested in attending a roundtable can send an RSVP to the Monitoring Team at or use the RSVP links above. The Monitoring Team hopes that all who live and work in Cleveland strongly consider being part of this important conversation about how we can work together to create a Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan that reflects the goals and values of the entire Cleveland community.

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