Core City: The Cleveland Program Encourages Entrepreneurship

Ruggero Fatica

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy and entrepreneurship is an important part of Cleveland’s future. Mayor Frank G. Jackson gave brief remarks at the Core City: The Cleveland Program-Pitch Your Business Competition held on Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland.  The Core City: The Cleveland Program helps prepare small businesses for the next step, which is obtaining capital. Individuals and entrepreneurs utilize the tools and resources from programs, like Jumpstart Inc., to grow their businesses, create jobs and encourage continued investment in our community.

JumpStart is a non-profit corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. JumpStart combats community deterioration and lessens the burden on government in the Northeast Ohio area by developing and maintaining programs and activities. JumpStart expanded its work to assist existing small business owners, as well as regional leaders who are working to create stronger economic ecosystems all across the United States.

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