Jasmin Santana: Person of the Year 2014

By: Juan Molina Crespo
Executive Director of Hispanic Alliance Inc.

Photos by: Ivan Gomez

Juan Molina CrespoStepping out in faith and deciding to leave her career was probably one the hardest decision Jasmin Santana made. She truly enjoyed her career, coworkers and compensation; however, there was something missing within her. She longed for something bigger, something that didn’t limit her desire to serve the community at a higher capacity by putting her talents and strengths to use. 

“Success to me was the pursuit of a higher calling. I didn’t really have a choice. I was compelled to respond to that inspiration inside that was calling me into something greater”
In April 2014, after resigning from her position Jasmin made the decision to open her own business. Jasmin Santana still lives in the Clark/Fulton community where she was born and raised. Throughout her lifetime, she has experienced the pride, compassion and love emanating from family, friends, neighbors, cultural institutions, churches and local businesses. All of these factors were pivotal in framing her moment of obligation as she made a conscious decision to serve her community, with the same strength and clarity she experienced as a child and young adult.

Jasmin also witnessed the ravages of inequality, discrimination, racism, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, inaccessible health care, inadequate education, as well as police and domestic violence. Despite these dark places that still exist in her community, Jasmin has remained faithful to her spiritual roots.
During her long tenure at MetroHealth Systems as the Community Outreach Coordinator, Jasmin brought a vitality and passion to the breast cancer education and early-detection program for uninsured, low-income minority women at MetroHealth’s Cancer Care Center. Additionally, Jasmin and her colleagues sought and received funding for Amigas Unidas, the first Latina breast cancer education program in Northeast Ohio. Amigas Unidas trains Latina women to become certified breast health advocates so they can teach, friends, relatives and others in their communities about early detection.
As Jasmin pursues her Master of Arts Degree in Non-Profit Management at Cleveland State University, we are fortunate that she will remain right here in our community, and continue her strong partnership- building and advocacy skills to make the Clark/Fulton community a better place raise our families whiling embracing its’ Latino heritage.

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” Mary Kay Ash

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