Lake Erie International High School a good choice for you

What makes Lake Erie International High School a good choice for you?

Lake Erie is a really good school because everyone welcomes me and helps me a lot.

Do you think LEIHS have diversity and why?

Yes, Lake Erie has different cultures in the school and they does not discriminate any one.

Would you recommend any of your friends to be a LEIHS student?

Yes, the staff makes me feel really comfortable.

Do you feel like you are learning more at LEIHS than any other schools?

I am learning a lot, especially because I get a lot of support from Mr. Hammer and Mrs. Numbers.

Do you feel safe at Lake Erie International High School?

Yes, really safe.

What kind of fun activities to do you get to experience?

I drew the new school logo and get to participate into the facetimes.

Do you believe that LEIHS is preparing you for the future and get out there and find a job?

Yes, they prepare you since the first day of orientation, they teach you how to build a good resume, apply for jobs and colleges.

Have you made good new friends at LEIHS?

Yes, I have made many new friends.

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