Zack Reed making a case to become mayor of Cleveland

Dear Fellow Clevelanders

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I love the City of Cleveland and the melting pot of people that make Cleveland one of the best places to live in America. I am running for mayor because our neighborhoods have been neglected for too long and the city that you and I love is not safe.
The number one job of the Mayor is to PROVIDE FOR THE PUBLIC SAFETY. That is why my campaign has made SAFETY FIRST its number one priority. Ask yourself two simple questions; do I feel safer now than when Frank Jackson was elected 12 years ago? Is my family safer now than when he was re-elected 4 years ago?

The answer is NO. If you don’t believe me go out to the neighborhoods, as I have every day, and ask your friends and neighbors if they hear gunshots? Ask if they are afraid to go out after dark? Over1200 of our citizens have been murdered and hundreds more
shot at since Frank Jackson has been Mayor.
My Plan: Hire 400 new community based police officers to work with us to make our neighborhoods safer for hard working families.
Do you want a dirt bike track in your neighborhood? Frank Jackson is looking for award to
build a dirt bike track because he thinks that dirt bike riders will go to the track instead of terrorizing our neighborhoods. What do you think? It’s time for a NEW MAYOR. I have the experience; I have the energy and I the plan to make Cleveland safer for you and your family.
Without SAFETY FIRST, Cleveland will not become a world-class city-again.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 7 th.
Zack Reed

Thank you.

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