By Ivan Gomez

When did you start performing?

I started performing when I was a child at church, school events, and singing groups.

How did you tell this was your calling?

Music is all I ever talk about. I know I was born to make music. When I was a little girl I would tell people that I am a singer; can I sing for you? I had all kinds of toys as a child, but the toy I played with the most was this dollar store microphone.

Has anyone discouraged you on being a singer?

Yes, I have had teachers, family members, and so-called friends try to discourage me for pursuing a music career. I know I will be successful in my music career no matter what people say. I know if I were to live by what everyone else wanted me to do I would never be happy. Everyone has been given a different mission to complete in life. No matter what someone says, music is my mission.

Let’s talk a bit about your songwriting process. How does a song usually develop – do you first start with the lyrics, melody, chord progression…?

Some songs can take anywhere from 20 minutes, an hour, or a few days. Most songs never really have the same exact process. There are times when a chord progression is first, a melody, or lyrics. “Senses (Let Go)” lyrics and melody came first. “Tu Culpa”, as far as lyrics and instrumental, music was first.

I’ve been listening to your song “Tu Culpa”. Tell me about the intro before you start singing, who came up with the idea to use electric strings? I think that sounds great!

“Tu Culpa” was produced by Los De La Matrix. Javi-D came up with the idea of the electric strings. His musical ideas are brilliant; if you let him he will keep going and won’t stop. What I enjoy the most about working with Javier is that when I hear something in my head, and it’s not coming out the way I envision he will change it as many times I want until we get what I want or something close to it.

Some of the background vocals weren’t even planned. Most of what I envision within my head comes to life. Bori-Q who is super talented also had some amazing background vocal ideas that we decided to put into the song. One day I plan to be able to produce music professionally this way I will be able share exactly what I hear within me. I am called “La Sirena” (The Mermaid) because people have always said I sound like a mermaid when I sing. In the beginning I didn’t really like the name because I thought I was being compared to a cartoon or something. The fact that mermaid’s sing, and I am a singer make sense to me now and I love it.

Is there a specific person you had in mind when you sing “Tu Culpa”?

Yes, there was a guy I was in a relationship with for a long time. I feel that we could still be together right now, but he chose to continue making bad choices. I forgave him, and we are still friends. As hard as it was I realized that I had to let go.

There is a part in “Tu Culpa” that really freaked me out, where you say “(…) recuerda que hiciste cosas malas y te perdoné muchas veces (Remember you did bad things and I did forgive you many times)”, so, what about that? Is that an inside message to him? Did that really happen to you? I really want to know what’s going on here (laughs)

Yes, you know when you forgive someone after they have done something bad, and they still continue to make bad choices. Things weren’t really changing so I had to choose to let go and move on. I don’t regret my past relationships, and I am so glad he was in my life. I have learned so much, and I am growing.

Now, let’s talk about “Senses (let go)” again. I love the intro on this one too, especially the strings, but this time there are more realistic and dynamic strings. It seems to me that it was recorded and produced separately from “Tu Culpa”, by a different producer. Tell us a little about the whole process.

Yes, “Senses (Let Go)” was created by Jimbo Neutron. I am glad you noticed the dynamics! I requested for him to create it with dynamics. He also let me choose the instruments and the melodies of how I wanted them to sound. That day I wanted to create a slow ballad song. I walked into the studio with three songs. I really wanted to use the first song, but I had the strongest feeling he would like the third song. When I began singing the third song he said that is the one, so we went with Senses (Let Go).

What motivated you to write “Senses (Let go)”?

Have you ever got the sense or the feeling within that no matter what someone said or did you know the truth? When the truth finally revealed itself you realized you were right all along. Letting go is a tough decision, and once you finally do it is then you will begin to grow. Holding on to someone, or something that isn’t good for you only holds you back. Everything you need to know is already instilled inside of you. Intuition is never wrong and is very powerful.

If there is a situation that you are in and you don’t know what to do all you have to do is listen to your intuition. I have found that it is best to turn off the phones, tv’s and electronics and go into stillness and meditate. Some of the things that have happened in my life I already knew it was going to happen because of intuition. There were times when I didn’t want to listen. I am learning that to grow you have to let go.

Do you have favorite places or times where you like to write?

As of now, I don’t really have a favorite place or time. Music and lyrics just kind of come out me from The Most High. I could be on the bus, preparing food, or folding clothes. I really do enjoy writing in nature and listening to the music of nature.

What are the most important thing you want people to know about you, your music, and your craft?

In my opinion, the most important thing that people should know about me is that it is not at all that important. Perhaps some interesting things I would like people to know about me is that for 4 years I haven’t had meat or animal products. I am also an actress, and I like to garden. I am currently still finding myself and letting go of situations that isn’t right for my path in life. Every song I write isn’t always about me. I have written many songs from other people’s stories and created stories. My current songs you can find on Amazon, Itunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora etc. I have plenty of new songs to share in the future that are different genres. I have pop, reggaeton, r&b, Spanish etc. I also hope my songs will be healing, fun to listen to, and some to learn from.

Do you want to add anything else or do you have any shout outs?

I want to shot out The Most High for giving me this gift of music. To all the listeners and the ones who have been here since I have released “Careless”. Shout out to Bori-Q, Javi-D, Jimbo Neutron, everyone at Matrix Music, and all the producers I’m currently working with or have worked with. I also want to shout out to you Ivan for taking the time to listen to my music and interview me. I really appreciate it!

Well, on behalf of all El Vocero Latino readers thank you for your time, I really appreciate your talent!


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