Westpark YMCA Cheerleaders, that includes three Latin’s girls, performed a dance at the Q

By: Zayra Ramos-Ortiz

fotozayraCLEVELAND – The YMCA of Greater Cleveland held its fourth annual “Healthy Kids Day” on Saturday, March 7 at the Q Arena, 1 Center Court, Cleveland. A free event were thousands of people took part in the family oriented occasion.
The YMCA since its foundation day in 1854 provide quality programs and services that involves fitness, education, civic service and community health and well-being. Also, the YMCA includes diversity of people in its employees and members.
The day started at 1 pm with a basketball game of boys ages 12 to 14. The Leagues participating were YMCA Hillcrest (Lyndhurst) and YMCA Warrensville Heights. Both teams are from Greater Cleveland. YMCA Hillcrest won the game 29-30.
At the half-time show of the YMCA Basketball teams, the YMCA Westpark Cheerleaders, coached by Tabitha Wheeler, danced a 2 minutes song “Walking on Sunshine” on the Q Arena. Walking on Sunshine is the 1984 song of Katrina and the Waves, an English rock band.

The YMCA Westpark Cheerleaders are a combination of 25 girls of different ethnicities of ages 3 to 6. Of the 25 girls, three of them are from Hispanic heritage: Leah Reyes, Anabelle Rodriguez and Jasleen Quiñones.

The cheerleader’s girls were dressed with a pale pink Cheer/Dance shirt with the Y emblem in color white, black leggings, a white ribbon in their pick tails, tennis shoes and with a pair of pom-pom, a decorative ball made of feathers, which was in maroon color. The girls were allowed to wear blush and lip gloss for their performance. The cheerleaders, with their routine of dances, jumps, cheers and shaking their pom-poms motivated the audience in order to make the spectators to cheer for their favorite team.
The festivity of “Healthy Kids Day” continue at the Q Arena lobby where a wide selection of family oriented activities were part of the day. These included: Step2, Sumo Wrestling, Wellness Competition, Speed Pitch, Arts and Crafts and much more. Likewise, observers were able to enter a drawing to win two children’s mountain bikes.

Some vendors included: Camp Y-Noah, Cleveland Water, Lakeshore Learning, Metrohealth LifeFlight and Pediatric Safety Unit, Office of Emergency Management, Children’s Museum of Cleveland, University Hospital Ahuja Medical Center, Rainbow Babies, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and many others.
The “Healthy Kids Day” was sponsored by YMCA of Greater Cleveland, The Q, The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Alpha Group, iHeart and Time Warner Cable.

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