Winter Weather Advisory Issued to Cleveland Seniors and Public Health Tips for Extreme Cold

 City of Cleveland news– The Director of Aging and City of Cleveland Emergency Management services have issued a W.A.R.N. (Wide Area Rapid Notification) message to City of Cleveland older adults regarding the forecasted continual freezing temperatures.

 The Director of Aging and her staff work regularly with seniors throughout the city and have found that these alerts are beneficial to informing our older adult population with critical information. “Seniors are especially sensitive to the cold and freezing temperatures and this weather can be exceptionally difficult for them,” said Director Fumich. “We hope that alerts like these help our seniors and those that care for them to stay safe and healthy.”

 If you care for or live near a senior, take the time to check on them regularly. If you must go outside, useproper footwear, wear warm clothes and dress in layers. Make sure you have extra food, blankets and water on hand. If you need assistance dial the numbers 211 and you will reach United Way. For a life threatening emergency, dial 911. 

 The City of Cleveland has designated select recreation centers to serve as 24-hour warming centers untilSaturday, February 21 at 8:00 p.m.  On Saturday, we will evaluate the weather and temperature conditions to determine if there is a need to extend the hours of these warming centers. See a list of those warming centers here.

 Key points to remember during multiple days of freezing temperatures:

 If your plumbing does freeze or burst, immediately turn off the water service to your property using the master shut-off valve to limit further damage.

 If the frozen plumbing does not involve a burst water meter, you MUST hire your own certified plumber to make repairs.

 For more information and a list of cold weather tips, click here.

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